Saturday 29 August 2015

Storyboard reference in iOS

Usage of Storyboard Reference


 1. First create 1 new storyboard name it anything you want(I named it `NewStoryboard`).
 2. Place your View controller(or any View Controller) in `NewStoryboard`.
 3. Give it a `Storyboard ID`(I have given `newVC`).

 4. Switch back to your main storyboard.
 5. Drag and drop `Storyboard Reference` control in this storyboard.
 6. Select the `Storyboard Reference` control and select `Attributes Inspector`.
 7. Select your new storyboard `NewStoryboard`.
 8. Provide Reference ID as `newVC`(which you used in `NewStoryboard` storyboard).
 9. Connect this `Storyboard Reference` via segue from ViewController. Now it will open this VC via segue without writing code. :)

 Limitation of Storyboard reference:-
1. Storyboard references deployed to iOS 9, OS X 10.10, and watchOS 1.
2. It requires Xcode 7.

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